Streaming made simple

Streaming made simple

KAV Productions


Broadcast your event around the world ( or just another room on site )

In summary we can live video stream conferences, presentations, meetings, awards dinners, product launches, weddings, funerals, medical operations for training in fact we can stream any event you wish in HD and as open or private as you need. These can be viewed on all platforms, mobile phones, tablets computers etc

Live Streaming for Business

Our team can help with live streaming your presentation or event. We can live web stream presentations, conferences music concerts, medial / surgery training of operations and AGMs

We can multicam or single camera live stream your event in HD behind passwords so people all over the world can watch. We can also open a chat box and polling you wish. We can use our HD live streaming CDN platform or use your corporate zoom account.

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We can live video stream your Wedding so all your friends and family across the world can watch live. We can live stream amazing HD video and sound, all we need is a internet connection at the venue and we are good to go !

We can Live Stream your Wedding to your own Facebook account or your Wedding Facebook page then all we need is the login details for the day and we can plug in and live stream with our professional camera and sound so all your family and friends can watch ! This is an mazing addition to the Wedding day.

We also record the stream on our cameras so we can send to you to keep.

We are a professional company and once confirmed we like to do a site visit and live test so we can all make sure it will work nicely.

For more information and a free quote please contact us on the information below , this is very exciting !

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