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We offer a "Interactive Tablet Service" which is essentially iPad style tablets which we "customer brand" the interface to suit your business and make it a truly immersive way of making events come alive.

We can have presenters bio, presentations, contact information, messaging to other users, voting on important topics as well as many other perfect information gathering tools. We then gather all the information and send on to you to analyse and use the information in improving your business going forward. Its been described as information Gold !

Every customer who has used this service for their events with us have loved them ! We can even design them to automatically "sign in" to the Tablets with their name badges !

We offer these as a stand alone service too so if you are already having an event or don't require any AV we happily come along to offer just this service. A Very Impressive touch to an event. 

We offer this service for events & meetings across the globe and the team have helped on events in the USA, Dubai , Asia and most of Europe.  Please contact us for more info !

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