Not all projectors are created equal

Not all projectors are created equal

Not all projectors are created equal...

Here at Kingsbridge Audio Visual we have a vast range of projectors for you to hire,

Projectors come in many sizes from very large to very small. We can help you with your projector choice. Some are as small as a an old yellow pages book or smaller!

Brightness is important

You need a bright projector so you can see your presentation slides or video without having

All the curtains closed. Projectors brightness is measure in lums and we have a variety of projectors with different brightness. 

We can help with this choice

All you need to do is tell us is how many people need to view the presentation and we will select the correct projector for you.

Our technicians are fully trained is customer care and service. They can talk you the best way to set the projector up and how to switch them on and line them up

We can deliver

If you need us to deliver and set the projectors up for you we can do that too

Do you just do projectors?

We are an Audio-Visual Business and we have loads of AV equipment to hire from PA systems, Microphones to screens, laptops and much more

All you need to do is contact us by email or phone so you can hire a projector today

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