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Funerals can be very sad times but we must also remember it’s a time to celebrate the life they had.

We are here to help through these difficult times with technical support & video services. 

The services we offer ...

  • Should the Church not be big enough to hold all the people coming we can setup a camera inside and setup a large LED TV outside with sound so people outside can not only hear, but watch too. This is a great solution.

  • We can video the service, discreetly and capture perfect sound, then in the same day we will edit the video send to you so you can send to friends and family who could not make the service so they feel they were still part of this day. They get to watch the service the same day as it happened.


  • If internet connection allows we can live stream it to a Facebook account so loved ones can be a part of the service live as it happens.


  • Create a video of photos you send us so that we can show this in the Church.


  • Supply Large LED / Plasma screens in the Church so we can play the photo video during the service as a reminder of the great life they had.


  • Supply microphones and outdoor PA systems for when you know the church is too small for people coming to pay their respect.

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Why did we decide to help …

I have recently gone to my uncle’s service. It was a very moving service and a celebration about his life and all the things, he had done. It was tearful but also laughter at the things he did and the way he was.  He really was quite a character.

Many of my relatives could not make it to the service, some are too old to safely make it, some were not very able people and others just live in a different part of the world.

They would have loved to have watched the service later that evening the same day just so they could feel part of the love, laughter and help with closure.

We can help make that happen, We can video, edit and deliver online using the internet so you can send the link to download the film that very day. They too can join the amazing gathering of people and the respect listen to the stories.

We only film the service as we feel this is more respectful to film we do not film the arrival or the committal.

We are unobtrusive and very respectful and experienced

If you need help as this difficult time please contact us as soon as possible

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We tend not to have many examples of our funeral service films online as we send them direct to the family for privacy as its their film. So if you need to see if we are any good at videoing and film making please see the 2 links below for video examples. One is our main business the other is our wedding business. This will show you the quality of our videos and the quality of the sound which we find equally as important. Also please find some customer testimonials  below to make you feel at ease. We are a trusted company. 



To help with discreetness while filming funeral services we use a small GH5  4k camera so we get exceptional  quality but with a very small camera. See photo of the 4k video camera below in the photo bar 

The small 4k Video camera we use when possible to minimise our footprint

The small 4k Video camera we use when possible to minimise our footprint

Some customer reviews of our work 

Amr Elbadry Great team! great output ( Vodafone Group ) 

Jon Ireland SDL Excellent, professional and experienced in all AV elements. I have used them at least 6 times!!

JF Sulivan Marketing VP  "These guys are the best AV company on the planet"

Michelle Wilkinson "Darren and his team at Kingsbridge are excellent. I had the pleasure of working very closely with Darren for several years on various large, highly visable corporate events up to and including the Exec/ CEO level

Tracie Robinson  The KAV team are very professional, they know their stuff and they make everything work seamlessly behind the scenes. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone who is looking for first class AV Support"


When we get asked to film a funeral you are speaking to the right people.  When we video funerals we do so with the upmost respect and care. Funeral videos that are filmed and edited the same day so that people who could not attend the service so feel part of the day.  Its so sad that people who could not make the funeral service through to age, not very able or now live in another part of the world.

We released this at a funeral we were at recently at where so many could not make it.

 Funeral videos of the service make so much sense these days as the technology is there so we can help connect people.