Aerial Video Newbury

Aerial Video & Photography is perfect for real estate, marine & aggregate,  construction industry, golf videos as well as many other sectors.  Drones are the new way of filming for the wow shot !

Safety is always our priority. We have been fully approved by the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial aerial filming and photography work with UAV’s. Our pilot is BNUC-S qualified and also holds light aircraft and helicopter pilot licences. We are fully insured for drone operations with £5m public liability cover.

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Enjoy the Aerial Video Showreel Film & Aerial Photographs below

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We at Kingsbridge Audio Visual do aerial photography and aerial filming, this is where the drone film and aerial filming magic happens.

We have years of drone film experience. Our main pilot is also a helicopter pilot and has created lots of aerial filming footage in during his time.  So because he is a helicopter pilot we have a few more special drone film permissions on locations in Spain and Portugal

Aerial filming has only recent come about since about 5 years ago to the public. We decided to do aerial video as helicopters were too expensive. Since we started aerial photography has become what we call production value in films. aerial photography with a drone is the future.

We have made Newbury our home.

Sometimes people just want aerial photography of buildings going up and drone video

so they can use it in other films they are making. The aerial photography is great for historic capture and of course marketing updates. 

Our drone film team are very well experienced and have filmed many a subject.

Every time we deliver aerial photography with our aerial filming our customers are always impressed with the aerial filming.

Our drone video business is based in Newbury Berkshire. Newbury is just our headquarters.

We setup and test our drone in Greenham Business park  in Newbury, where we have also taken some great aerial photography of buildings going up and the changing surrounds.

We have drone filmed in many other locations in Newbury Berkshire. We have also aerial video over Somerset house in London taking aerial photography and aerial video  too , we have aerial filmed the spinnaker tower in Portsmouth for a TV advert along with aerial photography  as well as filmed in Germany for a UK business needing to use a company to do some aerial photography that they trust. 

One of the drones we use for aerial photography or aerial Video is the DJI Inspire 2 drone.

This drone is perfect for aerial photography and aerial videos as its light, small and agile. It’s the perfect drone for aerial photography and with the drones 4k camera the aerial photography we produce is fantastic.

 aerial photography Newbury HQ is a great central location for us to be set.   

But doing aerial video or aerial photography across the world is possible.

We operate our drones not just in Newbury Berkshire but we drone all over the UK and Europe. Out HQ for drone filming is Newbury Berkshire which is where we test our drones for video and photography in Newbury. We have been busy with aerial video in Berkshire